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Investment Focus

Global Mining Capital Corporation executes private transactions with public companies to finance quality mining projects or to buy trophy assets. Global Mining Capital Corporation also transacts deals with private companies, preferably prior to their going public. The company also acquires projects owned by private entities. Opportunistically, Global Mining Capital Corporation also provides seed capital or growth capital for spin-off companies with projects that meet its target investment criteria.

Global Mining Capital Corporation invests in companies which are beyond the scoping study phase of development, and preferably at the feasibility stage. Hence, the focus is on development, near-production, early-production and in-production projects. Global Mining Capital Corporation; may consider investing in earlier stage companies if they have a prospective large “world-class” resource.

The company’s focus is on resource-rich developed jurisdictions with low political risk profiles (e.g., Canada, Australia) and emerging markets such as Latin America, e.g., Brazil, Chile, Peru; and some countries in Africa. However, Global Mining Capital Corporation may opportunistically invest in high risk jurisdictions where Global Mining Capital Corporation believes that risk can be mitigated and/or can be managed. Global Mining Capital Corporation will also selectively consider Chinese or other Asia Pacific investments.

Target minerals are gold and copper. Base metals (such as: zinc, nickel and molybdenum), uranium, potash coal and iron ore are also considered.

The company is also involved in strategic investments, buy-outs and M&A transactions in the oil and gas sector; including oil sands and unconventional oil.