Investment Strategy

Global Mining Capital Corp. focus is on unique investment opportunities. The team’s superior and award winning mining valuation skills, in addition to its on-the-ground geological experience in evaluating projects. The company proprietary value curve strategy enables it to focus on projects that market inefficiencies are unable to differentiate lower risk but higher return projects, within a particular stage of development.

Global Mining Capital Corp. prefers a “buy and hold” strategy but may opportunistically exit as market conditions permit. The focus is on trophy assets, world class deposits and high quality mines which are positioned in the lower half of their sector’s cost curve, thus increasing the potential for strong capital gains throughout the commodity life cycle. Projects generally are late stage, near production, in-production or with a defined resource; however earlier stage exploration projects with good potential for large resources are also considered.

Global Mining Capital Corp. expertise seeks to exploit opportunity gaps in the commodity cycle. These include undervalued assets, hedging paradox, capex overruns, mispriced assets, distressed situations and growth opportunities.

Global Mining Capital Corp. considers full buyouts, equity interests, strategic investments or controlling positions depending on the situation.